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I'm starting to think Michael Cera is the hipster equivalent to Larry the Cable guy.
I think having him in SCOTT PILGRIM certainly didn't help when pretty much everyone hates him. Cera is the equivalent of Bud Cort.. a figure for a eventually he will be respected..then again..he's like Steve martin too in that respect..
I like him, but not in this movie; he's worked too hard to impress his identity on the world as 'awkward teen dude who is incredibly aware of how dorky he is and will sell it to the 10th degree.' I like him a lot and loved his web series with Clark Duke. However, I'm not that much of a fanboy where I'm blinded by the obvious..he's not for everyone and has toyed with the emotions of the general public for far too long. They look at him and want to feel sorry for him and root for him, and often don't know which.
In ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, where he played the loveable yet tragic George Michael, you wanted to root for him to get the girl,be respected and heard.
In JUNO, you wanted to root for him to get the title character. In SUPERBAD, you wanted to root for him to get the girl. In YOUTH IN REVOLT, you wanted to root for him to get the girl.
He literally plays the exact same character in every movie and if he was more of an everyman like Shia Lebeouf, it would be ok because we would want to be on this journey with him; but he isn't one. He's that smart nerdy kid you feel sorry for but has rich parents so you hang around him hoping he will do something cool and you can be apart of it, but nothing ever happens so you end up feeling shafted.
The showing I went to for scott pilgrim was full of fanboys of this guy and the series. They cheered from the first frame of the universal logo in 8 bit graphics till the very end. These people like to just feel like they matter and are accepted..they really don't care about it being a 'good' movie..that's what they mean when all of the reviewers kept saying it was a generational represented the hopes and dreams of it's core audience.(even though most people in the audience did not get the 'zero' t-shirt reference I'm sure.)Scott is an everyman, not a modern hipster/nerd. That's why he works and is loved. He's not into being ironic, being snobby about bands, wearing scarfs and dark rimmed black glasses at all. He's just into rocking out, dating, and having fun and trying to survive.

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so, here's a gigantic dilemma:

I would make more close friends,have a love life and thoroughly enjoy myself so much more with the film people at UNT, but I really enjoy the teachers and classes available at UTA.

and I may even get my degree faster at UTA (14 english credits required!) than UNT.
and I'm here already.
and I worked my butt off trying to get back in last semester.
and it's closer to my job.
but..overall..maan...going to UNT would be a dream...

edit: so, I could be probably pretty content and stay in school longer and not get that good of a film education, but make great friends,etc..or stay at uta, finish up, meet some nice people..maybe make a friend or two..I guess I really want to be in an RTVF program most of all..because you get to do so much at once. here, there isn't much of a program, but (and I'm not sure if UNT does this, but considering how tough that program is to get into is)they will help you get into classes if they see your desire.. also: everyone at uta is some sort of bizarre carbon copy of's probably one of the reasons I'm having a hard time making's known territory..and at's the perfect mix of my interests and personality.. weird.. shit. I'll stay.. shit..shit..shit... shit...I hope this works.. the drag now is I just screwed up a big audition on monday..and it was somewhat due to school..but mostly due to some other issues... I don't want to screw up another big audition like that..too much at stake..from my agent who has unlimited faith in me..which is a godsend btw..and my own hopes and dreams.. I've been waiting since hig school grad to begin my career..and it's within reach...I can literally touch it..and yet ..I gotta finish school..I almost want to 'let it go' like that scene in indiana jones.. but why the hell would i? I waited my whole life for this period! i finally got an agent-who's also great, a good coach-who is amazing!- and now.. I just need a miracle to be able to pass this semester while getting more work at the same time.

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I'm in a weird position.

I get to go back to university in the fall, but I'm sure how to feel about it.

The last few times before I went back to school after break, I've always felt very frustrated becuse I wanted to just goout on auditions and work a day job for a few months instead.

I've done that now for six months..

it feels great.

but i still want to try my hand at film, and I don't want to have to worry about logistics.
I just want to create in a safe environment.
I get that at uta.
however, all of these great people that I wanted to work with have graduated already.
and now I'm out of the major, so it will be even harder to get into those classes.
but I still kinda want to at least see what I can do, if anything.


Los Angeles (E! Online) – The prodigal sidekick has returned.

Andy Richter will be playing McMahon to Conan O'Brien's Carson, as the former Late Night cohorts reteam when O'Brien takes the Tonight Show reins from Jay Leno this summer.

This time around, however, instead of serving as O'Brien's on-air wingman, Richter will take the role of full-service announcer. In addition to serving as Tonight's official voice, he will also regularly appear in comedy bits.

"Andy is one of the funniest people I know, and we've maintained a close friendship since he left Late Night," O'Brien said. "We have a proven chemistry that will be an incredible asset to The Tonight Show."

And one more thing...

"I'm looking forward to working with Andy on a daily basis again, particularly since he owes me $300," O'Brien added.

Richter served as the final nonmusical guest on Late Night With Conan O'Brien when it signed off last Friday. No word was made at the time that he would be part of the Tonight Show's regime change.

The duo first teamed up back in 1993, when an untested—and, at least by the network, untrusted—O'Brien took over David Letterman's late-night show. Richter left in 2000 to pursue an acting career, more often than not backed by O'Brien. (The host produced Richter's most high-profile, ill-fated TV outings: 2007's Andy Barker, P.I. and 2002's Andy Richter Controls the Universe.)

While the Tonight Show gig is good news for Richter fans, it's bad news for Joel Goddard die-hards.

Though O'Brien paid tribute to the Late Night announcer on his final episode, singling him out for his contributions over the show's 16-year run, the Asian boy-toy-lover will apparently not be making the trip to Los Angeles.

Richter's confirmation sets into place the final rundown of on-air talent for the O'Brien-manned Tonight Show. O'Brien announced earlier this month that Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7 will transfer over to become the Tonight Show house band.

O'Brien, Richter & Co. will make their Tonight Show debut on June 1.



1. Sister Act 3: Whoopi needs work
2.Grease 3: We Just Want the Money
3.Look Who's Talking 4: Kristie Alley has a liposuction bill
4. Breakin' 3: The next Generation (technically this was actually made as Step up and Step  up 2)

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I'm like a plate-spinner, you know? [Laughs.] I've got a lot of little plates that I'm trying to keep spinning at the same time. I thankfully don't feel like the end is incredibly near. As I learned from chapters past, it's important to try and stay in the chapter that you're in, and enjoy it while it's lasting. Not be constantly worrying about where this step will take you—living in the potential future. Like a good meal. Like a good chef's tasting meal. You don't want to wonder what's next while you're eating the foie gras.
--neil patrick harris..